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It all started when…

The veggie scraps, salmon belly, scraped beef bones - you know… all the leftovers in a chef’s kitchen… became an empire of sorts. Barkley’s Bistro is entering our 8th year of business - catering to the “4-legged foodies” across the country.

Freeze-dried meat & potatoes, smoked beef femurs & pigs ears, single-sourced & pressed hemp oil are our forte.

You’ve probably seen us at neighborhood farmers markets… we now have 2 brick & mortar locations:

Keg & Case (Saint Paul)

Mall of America (yep… the MEGA MALL)

(or) Shop Online in your PJ’s

The same high-quality product & integrity in processing that goes into our catered meals are the cornerstone for Barkley’s Bistro. We welcome you to try the best darn bones in the world!

-Chef C & the pack