A Note from the Chef:

We want to bring the finest restaurant experience to your home. I use the same farms as some of the top restaurants in town and some they don’t have access to... our meals are the easiest, natural (and quite frankly... the hippest) way to dine at home or on the go. Whether at the family dinner table, at the office, or on the sofa binging on episodes of This is Us - no judgement here folks!
— Colin (Chef) & Jamie (Hostess with the Mostess) 

Frequently asked questions

Where do I pick up meals?
We've partnered with the following locations for Monday and Thursday drop-offs:

Bodies By Burgoon (MPLS): pick up after 2:00
Fly Feet Running (Wayzata): pick up after 12:00

Do you deliver to homes?
Yes, for $10 extra in a 25 mile radius of our Kitchen in Minneapolis.

What if I have dietary restrictions?
Our meals are nutritionist-approved and we'd be happy to get you in contact with our go-to nutritionalist (and Olympian) Rasa, for a consultation to accurately balance your meals. When creating menus we keep in mind: gut health, hearth health, nut allergies (*nuts are stored & utilized at our kitchen), and Cilantrophobes.

How are meals packaged?
Packaging is biodegradable/compostable and drastically less bulky than the box within boxed dinner delivery services we have grown accustomed to.

How is your meal service different?
We use our experience in working with pro athletes and business execs to bring you meticulously source ingredients, next level nutrition, and above all: creating FUN heat & eat dining options. 

Our meals come with textures and vivid colors to ensure your palate isn't fatigued.  We want this to be an easy to use lifestyle experience that will help you feel the way you should.

With our meals, you will get local ingredients (each item a phone call to the farmer away), free range, organic healthy foods that promote health from the inside... our meals are food not feed.